Trained as a computer scientist, my rational approach never prevented me from keeping an open mind and being interested in many spiritual traditions. This desire to progress, to improve, to explore, finally brought me to Peru, to meet the shamans of the Amazon.

This crucial experience was a tremendous catalyst and the trigger for a fundamental transformation. Through the use of master plants, such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro cactus, I was able to benefit from deep healing, both physically and psychologically. I then understood that my joy was to be of service, and to support people on their own healing path.

For more than ten years now, I have regularly returned to Peru to continue my initiation with shamans, with the intention of bringing back a part of this ancestral wisdom, in order to share it and to benefit those who wish to explore this magnificent medicine.


About Shamanism:

It is difficult to summarize in a few words what shamanism is, as it is a millenary and multicultural practice devoid of any dogma and any religious aspect.

My personal experience is about South American shamanism, through the use of “teacher plants.” These master plants, once absorbed by the body, offer visions and teachings that are sometimes difficult to translate into our western culture. Yet they allow us to do wonderful work on ourselves, if only by becoming aware of “something greater”. The use of these plants can totally change our perspective of the world and our values.

For me, shamanism is therefore an exploration of consciousness, of the soul. It can be practiced beyond any ritual, with a strong intention and an open heart. It invites us to reconnect with our inner wisdom and rediscover our unsuspected resources. It is a powerful and luminous medicine, which can do a lot of good and provide great comfort in a society that is increasingly dehumanized and cut off from Nature.

It is encouraging to see today a renewed interest in these ancestral traditions. Let us hope that they can be preserved in this way, giving us the benefit of an almost forgotten and yet so precious heritage.