Shamanic Oracle Cards


My two oracles, “Spirit Animal”, and the brand-new “Shamanic Journey” are now both available in the “Shamanic Oracle Cards” app!


Download it now to your smartphone and tablet using the links below, and try it out for free!

Key features:
– Two decks of 48 and 52 cards*, beautifully illustrated, covering many topics regarding daily issues.
– 3 types of readings (1, 3 or 5-card readings).
– Save your readings to a journal for further reference.
– Share your readings with your friends, by email or on social networks.



*You can use this app as a full-featured, ad-free and time-unlimited “Lite” version, or unlock each full deck for a small fee.


The hard copy of the Spirit Animal Oracle, published by Beyond Words Publishing, is now available!

Order it now: Amazon | Beyond Words Publishing | Simon & Schuster

The Spirit Animal Oracle is also available as an app on Apple, Google and Amazon app stores.

Animals are not only beautiful companions on this earth, they are also powerful symbols. In shamanism, animal spirits – also called totem animals – are invoked for guidance and inspiration. They are used as archetypes and helpers, since every animal has a very specific energy, with unique talents and skills you can call upon.

The Spirit Animal Oracle, created by Frédéric Calendini, is a beautifully illustrated 48-card deck that will help you reconnect with these benevolent and wise guides. Use this deck to get deep reflections and insights about your daily issues or long term projects. Draw a single card for a quick reading, or explore more complex spreads for deeper understanding. You will be amazed at all the great advice and support the animal spirits have to offer!



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