Following the publishing of my first oracle based on totem animals, I wanted to explore further the creation of cards connected to shamanic traditions, particularly those of South America, which are so dear to my heart.

After a year of intensive work, I’m delighted to announce my new “Shamanic Journey” oracle!



“Embark on a mysterious journey to discover the shamanic traditions of South America! Connect to these ancient cultures and rituals with this beautifully illustrated 52-card oracle. Call upon the spirits of Teacher Plants for guidance and comfort.

Teacher plants are an essential part of South American shamanism, based on the idea that those plants have a benevolent spirit that can teach and guide us. The Ayahuasca vine is of course one of the most famous, but there are many others, all very wise and powerful.

The Shamanic Journey Oracle is directly inspired by the experience of the author, Frédéric Calendini, who has studied this wonderful traditional Medicine for many years. The plants depicted here are those with which he learned to work. With these cards, you too can invoke them to tap into their healing power and wisdom. You’ll also find a number of universal themes that apply to everyday life, so you can get all the messages you need.

May these cards help you, and guide you on your path!”


For now, the oracle is only available as a mobile application. In fact, I wanted to bring my two oracles together in the same application, which you can download right now by clicking on the links below:


You can use this app as a full-featured, ad-free and time-unlimited “Lite” version, or unlock each full deck for a small fee.

Of course, I plan to discuss with my publishers the creation of a physical version, probably in 2024!



Some sample cards: